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Media magazine

Style and Image Institute president, Kathy Friend shares key factors that help news organizations improve ratings.


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Inside FASHION Today magazine

Style and Image Institute president, Kathy Friend shares how your Image can impact your career.

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Brides on a budget, area stylist previews Goodwill Bridal Expo

SOUTH BEND Wedding season means the latest and greatest fashion trends will hit bridal store shelves across the country, but as anyone who has planned a wedding knows, it gets expensive. That's why Goodwill has partnered with area vendors to offer a bridal expo, showcasing inexpensive ways to host the big day in Michiana. News center 16's Kate Chappell is the event emcee, and area stylist and image consultant, Kathy Friend, will coordinate the latest bridal fashion trends to hit the expo stage. Friend sat down with 16 Morning News to share several ways to find the perfect dress before the expo. Her advice, shop early and be prepared. The following are her top tips for brides on a budget.


Thriving Thoughts Podcast

Take it from Kathy Friend, a wardrobe stylist who has worked with the likes of "What Not To Wear," YOU are worth it!  You have the opportunity AND the responsibility to package yourself with power.  To have YOU being the first thing people notice, not your outfit.  Kathy shares some life-changing tips for dressing ourselves up to reveal our true worth.  She even drops a little bomb about the color black (no spoiler here folks!).  And, for those of us who tantrum about being like our moms, Kathy shares some redeeming truths! Make Kathy your friend on Facebook today! Want to work with Kathy?  Learn more about her here! As always, connect with Dr. Sherri on Facebook or Instagram OR email the show at 

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Hello Gorgeous Podcast

Kathy is a nationally known Wardrobe Stylist Image Consultant and the President of the Style & Image Institute. She has styled looks for celebrities in Hollywood, looks for red carpet events, big advertising campaigns, and political candidates; her resume includes commercial projects for Redbook Magazine, Wal-Mart and Kenmore, being a part of several reality and talk TV shows, being asked to train with Stacy London from the famed television show “What Not To Wear.” But, the core of her business is helping moms, business leaders and entrepreneurs reclaim their inner beauty. Through the years, Kathy has written for several magazines and appeared on radio and television programs as a Fashion & Style Expert. She prides herself as a "fashion therapist" and is convinced the right pair of shoes can change your life! Kathy is from Northern Indiana and currently resides in South-Central Indiana. Her most impressive titles are ‘Mom’ to a teenage daughter, Anya; and ‘wife’ to Dave.


Pattern Magazine

Kathy Friend, a nationally known Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, has styled looks for celebrities in Hollywood, advertising campaigns and political candidates. Whether it be styling for individuals or teaching to aspiring fashion stylists, her passion for fashion is reflected in her life’s work and achievements. Her positive, radiant soul believes that by tapping into your style, you are tapping into who you are as a person at your core. She lives by the belief that “Your style is more about how YOU feel than about impressing others.”

Name: Kathy Friend 
Residence: Bloomington, Indiana
Where did you grow up? South Bend
Occupation: I like to say that I am a personal stylist or wardrobe stylist. If you have ever seen the show “What Not to Wear,” that’s basically what I do for individuals. I help individuals tap into their inner style and regain self confidence through the way that they look.

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