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Certified Stylist and Image Consultant classes

The Style and Image Institute’s workshop certification course offers training on the basic fundamentals of the image consulting, personal  and wardrobe styling and personal shopping business. Our program also offers all of the forms, supplies and  hands-on experience you need  to be a professional Stylist and Image Consultant.


Training offered includes:

  • full certification course for those wanting to begin a career as a Stylist and Image Consultant
  • a certification program for boutiques, salons or other businesses where adding image consulting services would enhance their current offerings
  • training for those wanting to build their image consulting expertise to enhance their current career

This comprehensive training program includes all the details you need to be in the business as a stylist and image consultant.  Unlike other similar workshops, we give you all the tools you need in one class, one time offered over 2 or 3 days.  Our focus in creating this curriculum was on you.  We understand the financial constraints of flying to New York or Los Angeles for a one-day seminar...and then traveling back a few months later for another module to get further training. Not only is this method time-intensive, the financial strain it puts on a budding business owner can be devastating. 


We believe that our method of intense, one-on-one training focused on your career goals works! ...and the proof is the success of our graduates. 



All interested students are asked to submit an application through the sign me up page on this website.  After receiving your application, our president, Kathy Friend, will contact you to discuss your career goals.  Together, you will develop a plan for your training that best suits your business goals. 


Our training program offers several options:

  • individual training - one on one intensive classroom learning that includes real-life experiences

    • 1-day image consulting and styling (best for those adding stylist skills to an existing career - retail, hair stylist etc.)

    • 2-day intensive image consulting / styling and business basics (best for those who are starting a career as a Personal Wardrobe Stylist)

      • 30-day internship / apprentice training (this is offered to those who are starting a career as a Personal Wardrobe Stylist, and is only offered 2 times a year - Spring/April and Fall/October)

  • group classes for your business  -  a classroom experience for no more than 5 students 

    • 1-day image consulting and styling

    • 2-day intensive image consulting / styling and business basics


Our workshop training classes can be held anywhere!  We believe the one-on-one experience is key to your success, so we are willing to travel to you to help you launch your career.*  We also offer training throughout the state of Indiana at various partner sites.  We also offer group training at your boutique or salon. 


*Please note additional fees may be incurred to cover travel costs for training occurring outside of the state of Indiana. 


Our headquarters and administrative office is physically located in Bloomington, IN.





  • 2 or 3 days of Stylist and Image Consultant training, one on one (just you and your instructor)

  • 200+ page workbook/textbook that includes form templates 

  • styling tools (color swatches, color wheel, measuring tape etc.)

  • books (helpful styling and business books)

  • access to forms online for you to customize and print

  • design of your first wardrobe and personal stylist business card (using one of our templates)

  • ability to use the SII logo on your marketing materials and the CSIC designation behind your name

  • a certificate showing your certification

  • opportunity for 'real world' experience assisting with fashion shows, styling projects and writing




For details about scheduling a class and fees.

Please complete an registration or contact us at



Training and Certification

  • Body Type Analysis - how to measure someone for body type, what clothing looks good on various body types

  •  Color Analysis - how to perform color analysis for clients, how this factors  into hair, skin and clothing and using pattern

  • Bra Fitting and basic fit of all garments

  • Sizing techniques

  • Face Shape analysis – how it relates to hair style

  • Accessories - how to accessorize, using proper color, weight and focus

  • Style Personality - how to determine a client's style personality, putting a name to each client's individual style

  •  Wardrobe Audit - how to plan for a wardrobe audit, how to conduct the audit, how this fits into the overall client experience

  • Personal Shopping - knowing the various ways a client may want personal shopping, how you can best help clients via personal shopping, developing relationships with boutiques and department stores, offering this service to individuals and groups

  • Look Book - how to develop a Look Book for a client, what is it, how does it work, the best way to deliver your ideas

  • Finer points of customer relations - how to handle hard situations, developing standards

  • Building bridges with partners and vendors

  • Men vs. Women 


Business Basics - Getting Your Business Going and How To Make Money

  • Web Site, blogs, and social media - how to use these tools to your advantage

  • Business cards, postcards - tips and tricks to save money and get a return on your investment

  • Service Offerings - what products are you going to "sell", what to call them, how to market them

  • Pricing Structure - how to determine a pricing for the services you offer

  • Forms and other tools - all of the forms you need to be in business including client questionnaires, client forms, follow up and business tools, handouts and more

  • Corporate vs. Private business - how to get corporate business, deciding WHO your target client is

  • Networking / Professional Organizations - how to network, when to network, what organizations to get involved with

  • Best Books, Magazines, Websites - where to do research on the industry

  • Marketing Plan - putting all your ideas into play

  • Goal Setting - the fastest way to success is by writing down your goals and telling someone!



The Style and Image Institute has an exempt status under Indiana code 22-4. 1-21 through the Indiana Workforce Development. The Style and Image Institute is a postsecondary proprietary institution as defined in IC 22-4, 1-21-9.

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